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NOVA Cat Clinic

Get the Best Cat Care
in Washington DC, and Arlington, VA

If your cat is sick, behaving strangely, or in need of a checkup,

we have got you covered.

New Clients


Let us make your cat happy and healthy. Together.

We are the only cat-exclusive veterinary clinic in Arlington, VA. Our close-knit team of highly trained professionals is passionate about feline health.
We care for each cat using the latest techniques remembering to respect your cat. We aim towards outcomes that both heal and prevent disease.

From the inside out.

Our team and our culture are fueled by passion: for what we do, for our furry patients, for your clients, and the people we work alongside. Take a peek behind the scenes at the heart of our clinic. Are you looking to keep your cat happy and healthy? We’d love to help. 

Latest from our Blog


"Absolutely amazing! The vets are top of the notch! I never ever had great doctors that knew more than other vets I have been to in the past. Wow! They are the kids in the class that did their homework on time and got good grades. It truly shows! I am so grateful they are taking care of my cats Cougar and Nala. I put complete trust in them! The vet assistants were super as well! Prompt and courteous! The front staff were great, friendly, and answered all of my questions. I love the new location and ample parking. It can’t get better than this! Thank you NOVA!!!"

– Donna Raihl

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